Supply ceramic anilox roller drawing for you

//Supply ceramic anilox roller drawing for you

Supply ceramic anilox roller drawing for you

How to get the ceramic anilox roller drawing?

As it is known, ceramic anilox roller production need more correct drawing to produce. If it s not correct, may the roller cannot install on your machine, and it finally proved failed. And, ceramic anilox roller is not a cloth, a hat, it is more expensive than our daily supplies. If failed, you will lost few hundred dollors even few thousands dollars, based on different sizes.

So, it is more important to make a super correct drawing for the anilox roller,

However, if you want to purchase a ceramic anilox roller, and it is not easy to get the drawing from your printing machine supplier.

Plz don’t worry for every thing, we have a great team who can help you to measure the old ceramic anilox roller size very detailed.

Each roller is customized, we will send you the final drawing to confirm in 1-2 days.

Plz just refer to our Mexico client how to do as below pics:

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