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Project Description

Function Parameters
Item name Ceramic anilox roller ultrasonic cleaning machine
Feature Critical cleaning/Residue free
Power 1.5KW
Certification  CE, RoHS, UL
Lead time 20-35 days
Packaging detail Wooden cases
OEM/ODM services Available

Technical data sheet

Ceramic Anilox roller cleaning machine introduction:

After long time printing, Mesh blockage is likely to result in ink, paint, glue and other dirt coating.

In this case, if the mesh cannot be cleaned thoroughly, the printing effect will be effected, printing cannot work normally, ceramic anilox roller cleaning machine can do perfect cleaning by ultrasonic cavitation, which can cause jetting force from tiny bubbles in exploding, the contamination will be removed totally.

After several minutes cleaning, the anilox roller can come back to its origin, the ultrasonic intensity is visible under controlling, the anilox roller can spin in sitting the tank top, which can avoid axis of anilox roller immersion during cleaning, the spinning force also can fall off the dirty easily in driving, we design rubber roller at two sides to drive the anilox roller in spinning as couples, which is separately controlled, is easier in operation, maintenance

How  does our Ultrasonic anilox roller cleaning machine to work?

Coat the concentrated detergent on the surface of anilox roller according to the clogging degree

After several hours, put the anilox roller into the ultrasonic cleaning tank

At last, rinsing the anilox roller by cleaned water

Or put the detergent into the cleaning tank directly, its ratio depends on the clogging degree,

Ultrasonic have perfect cleaning effect, which can keep the anilox roller as clean as its new, we can make to order, pls provide the diameter of your anilox roller and its anix. Also the max length of it to make a customized service.