Micro-gravure Roller

//Micro-gravure Roller
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Project Description

Function Parameters
Item name Micro gravure roller
Material 45# steel & ceramic or chrome
Cell shape screen 30-1500LPI
Diameter 25-600mm
Cell degree 1-89°
Cell shape 60° Hexagon, 45°Helix, “S”Shape
Max length 10-500mm
Lead time 10-15 days
Packaging detail Wooden cases
OEM/ODM services Available
Engraving Machine
Absorbed in the most advanced engraving machine from England—ALE Laser
Engraving Machine, which is with advanced technology.We absorbed in more
machinesand More advanced soft, and have 3 engraving machines by now,
which can keep our Delivery time(10-15 days); And the more advanced soft
brings new cell shape for Special application, for example the ART.

Product introduction

1. Advantages:

◆ Anti-fraying, Anti-corrosive, high temperature resistance,  long life, and Saving cost.

◆ Adopting super stainless steel, keep the base roller and ceramic surface Combined well, and protect the base roller from the ink corrosion.

◆ Adopting the advanced plasma technology, keep the ceramic surface even, porosity And thickness.

◆ Engraving with the advanced machine—ALE engraving machine, keep the cells Smooth, then bring the easy releasing of ink, and easy to clean.

◆ All roller, will provide with the grantee report, keep the accuracy of cells

2. Application

◆ Flexographic Printing, Offset Printing, Gravure Printing

◆ Label, Envelope, Paper Forms, Handbag, Corrugated Box

◆ PE Film, Coated Paper products, Glazing, Wallpapers, Wooden-patterned paper ect.

◆ Optical Film, Release Film, Lithium battery Diaphragm, Aluminum Foil