Hard Chrome Corrugated Roller

//Hard Chrome Corrugated Roller
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Project Description

Function Parameters
Item name Hard chromed corrugated roller
Material 48CrMo~50CrMo, chrome
Diameter 100-500mm
Width range 1400-2500mm
Tooth shape UV, V, alike V type
Tooth height 0.9-5.5mm
Hardness HV≥600
Certificate CE, ISO
Lead time 40-45 days
Oversea Engineer service Available
Packaging detail Wooden cases
OEM/ODM services Available

Product Introduction

1. Hard chrome corrugated roller is made of high quality alloy steel. The technology comes from war industry.

2.It’s made by high precision CNC corrugated roll grinding machine from the USA. The quality is very good.

3.It is treated by special corrugated roll surface treated technology. The hardness is very high.

4. High-speed corrugated roll with big diameter. The maximum working speed is 300m/min.

5. Gear type: UV,V. Flute type: A, B, C, BC, D, E, F optional.

6. Fingerless suction and inner suction are optional.

7. We are engaging in design ,repair, manufacture all kinds of corrugating roll

 Laser Corrugated Roll

1.Surface hardness: above HRC60°

2.Character of laser quenching: For the same material, the metallographic structure is more refined. And it is more durable than the traditional quenching process.

3.It won’t enlarge the surface crack. It is the best process to repair the old roller.

4.The depth distribution of the quenching layer is that the top of the tooth is thick and the side of the tooth is thin. It can effectively solve the problem.