Enclosed Doctor Blade System Solution

//Enclosed Doctor Blade System Solution
Enclosed Doctor Blade System Solution 2019-03-26T16:22:00+08:00

Project Description

Cylinder-O.D.200/1100mm wide
Tray-350 wide/1500mm high
Ink Tank for pump-O.D.500/500mm
Single blade structure for
Coating and laminating
Doctor blade chamber system
For coating and laminating
Solvent Saving
*Contact Area with Solvent & Air
*Bubbling trouble
1.Ink surface area(bubbles

Are generated by ink falling from blade into tray,
2.Surface area of ink tank for pump-49125px²
3.Cylinder surface area-172775px²
1- cylinder surface area-6911 cm²
2- Reduce solvent evaporating out 51%
3- Lower bubbles generated!
Ink/Glue Saving
*Based on the difference of capacity
Between tray and chamber
Ink/glue height in tray:30mm
3.0highx35 widex150CM3long=15.7L
Chamber inner capacity:
Saving ink/glue~13.5L each
Running<~6.5 time saving
Cleaning Time
2-Cylinder shaft and M/C frame near
both sides of cylinder
3-cylinder 4-pumps all around 15-20 minutes
Needs to clean below items every running:
1- Chamber, cylinder &pump cleaning all together
at the same time in 5-10 minutes
Higher contact area with air
And solvent running out to air all the running time.
High VOC value around operation area
In enclosed chamber system, quite low solvent
contact area
With air and quite low VOC around.
Durability and Stability
1- Metal particle or filling from abrasive steel blades
cause ink-conntamiating and get trapped under
the blade itself,
bringing about score lines to roller surface
2- Waves due to bad cylinder balancing
3- Difficult to control coating thickness by
blade ink/glue blocking in tray corner
1- Score lines seldom happened due to blade
configuration reverse to single blade configuration.
2- Chamber touches cylinder to reduce
rotating vibration.
3- Better coating uniformity and reduce blocking

Docotr Blade Chamber System Introduction

More and more customer pay attention to the printing effection, and environment protecting.

We absorbed the technology from Taiwan to make the Doctor blade chamber system.

Not only save the material, ink/glue, but also reduce the VOC in air, then protect the environment.

The system includes the chamber itself, ink supplier system and pnumetic system. Customer can fix directly.

We will provide the design and fixing drawing for support. And to the special machines , like Heidelberg,

Our technician will provide the service of measure and fixing. The system easy to operate , convenient to clean, most important is no ink leaking.


◆ Flexographic Printing, Offset Printing, Gravure Printing

◆ Label, Envelope, Paper Forms, Handbag, Corrugated Box

◆ PE Film, Coated Paper products, Glazing, Wallpapers, Wooden-patterned paper ect.

◆ Optical Film, Release Film, Lithium battery Diaphragm, Aluminum Foil