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Project Description


printing machines/MDC doctor blade is widely used in gravure packing printing, publication gravure printing, flexography printing, coating printing, offset coating etc.

Product introduction

1.Doctor Blades are wiping blades used to wipe excess ink in the flexographic or rotogravure printing and coating processes.

2.Doctor Blades can be used in the process of printing/coating paper, films such as PET, BOPP, PVC etc., and foils used in packaging, labeling, publication and corrugation.

3.The wiping action of a Doctor Blade directly affects the quality of printing/coating, making the quality of the Doctor Blade a key factor in printing productivity.

4.Choosing an incorrect doctor blade can significantly affect print quality and dramatically increase machine downtime & waste.

5.Using the right doctor blade becomes an integral part of a high quality & cost effective printing/coating operation.

6.Together with our partner we believe in providing the right Doctor Blade Solutions to our customers.

7.Our high-precision blades are manufactured from extremely sophisticated strip-steel material, made exclusively for doctor blades.

8.The edges of these blades are very smoothly finished, ensuring a perfectly clean wiping action on the gravure cylinder/anilox roller immediately upon start-up.

9.We use only the highest quality raw materials in manufacturing and have developed state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, which are reflected in the quality of our products.

Material Choice

Item Size
Hardness 1960N/mm(580HV+/-15)
Edge Thickness 0.07mm-0.1mm
Edge Height 1.3mm
Blade thickness 0.15-1.5mm
Blade height 10-60mm
Length of each box 100m

Speed match material

Level Low Speed Middle Speed Above average High speed
Speed 0-80m/min 0-120m/mim 0-150m/m 0-180m/min
Material T10 SK4 C100 20C

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